SIID are delighted to welcome a new member of staff, Judith Krauss, to the team. Here’s what Judith had to say about her new appointment as a post-doc on the CONVIVA project:

“In January 2019, I joined the Sheffield Institute for International Development as a post-doc on the CONVIVA – Convivial Conservation research project. This exciting new endeavour brings together researchers from Brazil, Tanzania, California, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK, hoping to derive broader lessons for governing human-wildlife relations from the ways communities are living with jaguars, lions, bears and wolves. This new post builds on my previous lectureship on environment and development issues at the University of Manchester’s Global Development Institute, where communities living with protected areas in Uganda was one focus for my teaching, public engagement and fieldwork. It equally draws on my PhD research on the intersection of ecological, socio-economic and commercial priorities in cocoa sustainability initiatives in Latin America, finding out how differently cocoa producers, cooperatives, NGOs, companies and consumers understood ‘sustainability’. Prior to my PhD, I was privileged to work in civil-society, public-sector and private-sector organisations in Europe and North Africa, including German development cooperation, World Bank, IIED and the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development. Thanks to everyone I have learnt from in work and life, I hope to be able to contribute to SIID’s great community of scholars, the University of Sheffield and the CONVIVA research network to the best of my abilities.”