Vidya Sagar Pancholi

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PhD Topic:

Towards substantive public participation in local governance: the case of Kalyan-Dombivli, India

Professional Background:

Vidya Sagar joined the department of Urban Studies and Planning as a doctoral student in October 2014. His research interests include issues related to urban governance and poverty reduction within developing countries. Within his proposed research, he wants to investigate possibilities of substantive public participation in urban governance by studying a case study of a fringe city to Mumbai, India.

Vidya has a diverse academic and professional background. While he has studied Architecture, Urban Planning and International Development, his work experience has exposed him to business consulting, non-government, government advisory, and research domains. His recent exposure of working on a European Union funded project in India has supported his interests in conducting a doctorate research on his chosen topic.

Beyond his studies, Vidya wants to be engaged in the capacity building of his rapidly developing nation (India) and he believes that the PhD program in ‘Urban Studies and Planning’ serves as a bridge between his academic background, his professional experience and his long term career aspirations.