Rose Pritchard

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Rose joined SIID in April 2018 as a post-doctoral research associate on the AfriCultuReS project (, a Horizon 2020 project developing applications based on Earth Observation data with the objective of improving food security in 8 African countries. Her role in this project focuses on capacity building in Earth Observation for Development research and user communities.

Prior to joining SIID, Rose completed her PhD in the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh. For her thesis she used both ecological and social research methods to explore interactions between miombo woodland change and rural livelihoods in six Zimbabwean villages. Her PhD work built upon her existing interest in social-ecological resilience in rural African contexts, and also sparked an interest in the potential benefits and risks of using economic metaphors to communicate environmental values. This latter interest is reflected in her recent work on a report for the Valuing Nature Network on the increasing use of ‘natural capital’ approaches in the private sector.

Research interests: social-ecological resilience and vulnerability in rural African contexts; applications of Earth Observation in development; food security; economic approaches to valuing the environment.