Rob Hardie

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PhD Title – Public-private-partnerships in Carbon Sequestration Projects in Low to Middle Income Countries

Rob began his PhD at the Department of Geography in 2015 as part of The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures and a University of Sheffield interdisciplinary scholarship. His research is exploring how institutional relationships between public and private actors operate at the intersection between global environmental and social objectives and on the ground realities, focusing on themes of risk, resilience and responsibility. Rob’s PhD is being conducted in partnership with Carbon Plus Capital, a private sector company operating a large-scale environmental and social initiative in The Niger Delta, where his research will be largely focused. He hopes to gain new insights into the way institutions and institutional actors translate global environmental and social objectives into practical action through partnerships and collaboration.

Prior to undertaking his PhD, Rob completed a master’s in Environmental Change and International Development at the Department of Geography at The University of Sheffield and holds an undergraduate degree in Physical Geography from Newcastle University. In between his undergraduate degree and his master’s he worked as an English teacher in Cambodia and South Korea. He has experience conducting research and engaging with policy in Nepal and The Philippines.

Rob’s general interests lie in studying the relationships between environmental and human systems and looking for fair and equitable solutions to the problems they present.