Prof. Pauline Dibben

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Pauline gained a BSc in Economic & Politics (1993) and an MSc in European Social Policy Analysis (1994) at the University of Bath, a PGCertHE in 2000, and a PhD in the area of Local Government Decision-making, Transport and Social Exclusion in 2003. She is now Professor in Employment Relations in the HRM/OB division of the Management School, with particular interests in International Human Resource Studies and Industrial Relations. Pauline’s recent research has been focused in the area of employment security, with two sub-themes: employment security and the role of the trade unions in emerging economies, and job security for those with health conditions.

Pauline is currently PI for a large interdisciplinary ESRC project examining supply chain accounting and employment practices in the rising economies. The three-year project aims to explore the current role, and future potential, of supply chain accounting in facilitating complementary HR practices and improved labour standards within the automotive and textile industries in Brazil and South Africa. Visit the project website.

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