Dr Nishat Awan

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Nishat Awan is a Lecturer in Architecture at University of Sheffield. Her area of specialisation is migration and displacement and how this can be addressed in architecture and urban design. She is particularly interested in modes of visual representation and forms of engagement that allow an ethical engagement with places at a distance. She is committed to a research by design approach and often works in collaboration with artists, using the exhibition format as a way of exploring these issues. Her recent book, Diasporic Agencies (Ashgate, 2016) addresses the neglected subject of how architecture and urban design can respond to the consequences of increasing migration. She is also interested in alternative modes of architectural practice and creative research methodologies, issues that were addressed in the co-authored book Spatial Agency (Routedge, 2011) and the co-edited book Trans-Local-Act (aaa-peprav, 2011).

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