Martha Avalos-Pelaez

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PhD Topic : Mandar Obedeciendo (Rule by Obeying): the Zapatista Construction of Citizenship from Below.

Professional Background:

Martha holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico, and a MA in Research Methods in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sheffield.

Martha was an intern at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC. She worked in the Department of Governance and State Modernisation in a project of State Decentralisation researching about several issues such as public security and the impact of the remittance sent by immigrants to the local development. After concluding the internships, Martha went back to Mexico and started teaching at a high school level the courses of History and Geography.

Latin American politics had always caught Martha’s attention, especially the topic of social movement. As such, Martha’s research focuses on the Zapatista construction of the political. However, she is generally interested in active forms of citizenship, indigenous politics, and Mexican and Latin American politics.