Fiona Campbell

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Fiona trained and worked as a nurse, health visitor and district nurse both in the UK and in West Africa. Her experiences as a nurse led to a keen interest in evidence based health care. She worked for the Royal College of Nursing and gained training and experience in systematic review methodology. This was further consolidated by working as a systematic reviewer for the Newcastle Guideline Development Unit. Since joining ScHARR in 2007, Fiona has worked on a wide range of systematic reviews to support NICE guidance including treatments for angina, interventions to reduce drug errors in hospital and public health interventions to reduce excessive weight gain in pregnancy. Fiona has undertaken additional work in methodological areas of systematic reviewing.

Fiona has conducted and supported the development of Cochrane Systematic Reviews. She is the lead author of four reviews and co-author on another eight. She has also helped other teams of reviewers who have required additional methodological support in the conduct of their review. She is a peer reviewer for the Cochrane Wounds Group, the Cochrane Hypertension Group, the British Medical Journal and BIOMED Central.

Fiona also works part-time as a Stroke Prevention Researcher, funded by the CLAHRC (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care)

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