Emma R Morales

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Emma graduated from Universidad de las Américas-Puebla, Mexico (UDLAP) in 2000 with a BA in Architecture. Graduated Cum Laude. Between her undergraduate studies and her Masters in Urban Studies and City Management from Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Emma had the opportunity to do a traineeship at the Urbanism Department in Barcelona’s City Council as part of the IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) program.

Emma has been teaching in Higher Education since 2003 in modules related to Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design. In 2005 she was invited to become a full-time lecturer at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. Since then she has been involved in academic, administrative and research activities. Since 2010, Emma has been involved as a consultant in various local and regional planning projects in Mexico. In 2012, she was awarded a full CONACYT (Mexican National Council for Science and Technology) scholarship to study for a PhD in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield.

PhD title: Middle Class Gatedness: Interplay of global economic forces, national policies and individual behaviours in the proliferation of middle-class gated communities. The Mexican case.

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