Dr Ellie Gore

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Ellie joined the Department of Politics in June 2017 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working with Genevieve LeBaron on forced labour in global supply chains. She previously held a teaching position in the Politics and International Studies Department at the University of Birmingham.

Ellie’s research is situated at the interface between gender, sexuality, and international development. She completed her PhD in International Development at the University of Birmingham, which was based on a 13-month ethnographic study of queer political activism in Accra, Ghana. Using a blend of Deleuzean and Marxist theory, her thesis examined the character and contours of queer politics in this setting. Ellie is particularly interested in concepts of sexual rights within development theory and practice, and with examining how rights-based approaches to sexuality work in different socio-cultural contexts. Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach that draws on anthropology, political economy, international development, and gender studies.