Dr. Yu Chen

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Yu joined the School of East Asian Studies in November 2012. She gained her PhD in Urban Studies from the University of Glasgow. Before that, she had obtained BSc from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, two MSc from a collaborative program between Fudan University and the University of Oslo, Norway.

Her PhD thesis examines labour market experience of migrants in China using both qualitative and quantitative data from fieldwork in Shanghai. She then worked as research fellow in externally-funded research projects on housing market and urban change at the same department (Urban Studies) in Glasgow, before arriving at Sheffield.

Research Interests

Dr Chen’s research interests are in China’s urbanisation and rural-to-urban migration, city development, urban labour market and housing. China is experiencing the largest migration wave in human history, with hundreds of millions of people moving from the countryside to cities to seek better life. She is interested in the social, economic, spatial and environmental consequences of such massive migration.

She is working on migrants’ socio-economic integration in destination cities, and the extent to which their choices and constraints in labour and housing markets influence integration. Her previous project, funded by the Universities China Committee in London and Adam Smith Research Foundation, focused on new-generation migrants, and explored their aspirations and integration in Shanghai.

She is Co-Investigator in a three-year ESRC research project on Urban Development, Migration, Segregation and Inequality (2015–2018). This project aims to bring together researchers from the University of Glasgow, University of Sheffield and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to develop new ideas, innovative methods and analysis on the impact of migration on cities, the related social-spatial segregation and challenges for public policy.

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