Dr Saurabh Mishra

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Saurabh  joined the History Department at the University of Sheffield in September 2012. He read history at Delhi University, at Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi), and completed his Ph.D. at University of Oxford (2008). He subsequently held a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford for a project on disease, famines and livestock in colonial North India.

Saurabh is currently working on a project on indentured labour in British Guiana which investigates the lives and experiences of indentured labourers through the lens of medical/health issues. While the plantation economy has been studied by a number of historians, this project adopts a different perspective by focusing on the medical regime that labourers were subjected to.

Saurabh’s larger interests lie in exploring a range of themes connected with the social history of colonial and post-colonial South Asia. More specifically, his focus areas till now have included the following: the history of science and medicine in the subcontinent, the nature of Islam in South Asia, the history of agrarian processes and structures, and the formation of colonial policies and ideologies.

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