Dr. Pete Dodd

  • Senior Research Fellow, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
  • Tel: 0114 222 0740
  • Email: p.j.dodd@sheffield.ac.uk
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Pete is a Senior Research Fellow in health economic modelling at ScHARR, University of Sheffield, UK, which he joined in 2013. Pete originally studied mathematics at Girton College, Cambridge before doing his PhD in theoretical physics at Imperial College London. He also has an Open degree from the OU for which he mainly studied biological subjects. After his PhD, Pete worked on infectious disease modelling as a post-doc at Imperial College London, and then at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Research interests

Pete’s research uses mathematical and statistical models to understand the epidemiology of tuberculosis (TB), and the impact and cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve TB control.

  • Infectious disease modelling
  • Burden estimation
  • The epidemiology of TB, particularly in settings with high-HIV prevalence, and population-level TB interventions
  • TB in children & interventions to improve case detection
  • Drug-resistant TB
  • Individual-based modelling methodologies
  • Methods for model calibration and uncertainty analysis

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