Dr. Paula Meth

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Paula is a Reader in Urban Studies & Planning and Lead for the Cities research theme. Paula was awarded a Bachelor in Social Science in 1990, and went on to complete an Honours Degree in Geography in 1991 and a Masters in Town and Regional Planning between 1993 and 1994. These were all completed at the University of Natal, Durban in South Africa. In 1995 she began her PhD at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Geography under the supervision of Professor Linda McDowell, and completed this in 1998. She is Senior Lecturer in Town and Regional Planning and Director of Undergraduate Programmes for Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield.

Paula’s research interests include: gender and violence (men as well as women’s experiences), informal housing, crime management, inequality and injustice, governance, local politics and everyday power relations, all focusing on the global South, particularly South Africa, and also qualitative methodology. Paula’s current research is centred on the contributions made by citizens both in challenging and managing social problems but also in the broader impact of national and global trends towards neo-liberalism and their effect on local participation. Her work is informed by ongoing debates within Feminism and Development Studies, as well as moves within Planning to broaden and re-examine the terms of reference of planners and their relationship with broader society. Also related to this work is an ongoing interest in developing qualitative methodology, in particular making use of diaries to inform the research process.

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