Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy

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Since 2001 Lata has worked as a research practitioner, consultant and lecturer in gender and development. Her research interrogates how knowledge is both understood and operationalized in development theory and practice, focusing in particular on how power and intersectionality are mediated and expressed in development knowledge systems. Lata’s forthcoming book is entitled Gender, Power and Knowledge-for-Development and is to be published as part of Routledge’s flagship book series Routledge Studies in Gender and Development. The book raises questions about the essential utility of the knowledge paradigm itself and its key underpinning presumptive mechanism, namely that a knowledge deficit exists in the Global South, particularly for marginalised women, that may be addressed by practices that essentially focus on improving the supply-side of knowledge without accounting for the nature or the specific needs of the knowledge systems being targeted for support.

Lata is a passionate advocate for gender equality and is keen to build awareness of global inequality and why feminism is still so important to this task through her research, teaching and activism.

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