Dr Isabel Douterelo

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Isabel’s main research interest is environmental microbial ecology. Throughout her scientific career she has worked in different microbial-related projects and in multidisciplinary research groups. Her interest in microbial ecology started when she was a student at the University Autonomous of Madrid (Spain), where she studied and collaborated in research projects focused on assessing the process of eutrophication in freshwater ecosystem and the use of cyanobacteria as bioindicators. Isabel left Spain and moved to the UK to start her PhD in the Department of Physical Geography at the University of Hull, based on the study of microbial degradation of archaeological remains in wetland soils. After her PhD, she worked as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, in a project based on the study of bacterial adaptative strategies to changing environmental conditions and soon after that in the same University but a different department, the former HRI, investigating the molecular aspects of plant seed vigour and seeds dormancy cycling. Isabel joined the PWG in 2010 and since then has worked as a Research Associate on the EPSRC funded project known as Pipe Dreams, studying different aspects of the microbial ecology of drinking water distribution systems.

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