Dr Giuliano Punzo

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Giuliano’s background is in the broad area of control theory and complex systems. After a degree in aerospace engineering, he briefly joined industry, before starting a PhD in swarm engineering, gaining it in 2013. Giuliano moved from few vehicles in formation to several autonomous agents and the field of swarm engineering. Later he expanded his interests to robotics, control theory, consensus and complexity. Giuliano first post-doctoral appointment was as teacher at the University of Glasgow, then as Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde and, finally again as Research Associate at the University of Sheffield.

Giuliano’s current commitment with The University of Sheffield is with ENCORE, the EPSRC funded Network+ to undertake the grand challenge of resilience in complex engineering systems. This includes infrastructures, socio-technical systems (e.g. cities) and the engineering of natural systems such as catchments and offshore energy systems. Within ENCORE, Giuliano’s role covers both management aspects and research. encorecomplexity.org

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