Dr Emma Heywood

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Emma is a researcher and Lecturer in Journalism, Radio and Communication. Her research focuses on the role and impact of radio in conflict-affected areas. She is principal investigator on two large research projects: a large UKRI-funded project investigating perceptions and representations of women’s rights and empowerment by radio in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso; and an urgent Covid-19 response project funded by Elrha examining the use of radio and social media to address misinformation about the pandemic among internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Burkina Faso. Both projects build on current work by the FemmePowermentAfrique project, which Emma leads.

Previous projects have been part-funded by the Swedish development agency and the University of Sheffield and have assessed the impact of radio on women’s empowerment in Niger and Mali.

Emma has also examined foreign conflict reporting of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by Russian, French and UK television news providers and also audience perceptions of this reporting. She has previously been awarded British Academy funding for her West Bank project, which investigated the role of local radio in NGO activities in war-affected zones. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in the West Bank and now in west Africa.

Emma’s full profile can be found here.