Dr. Edward Goka

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Edward obtained his PhD in Medicine from the University of Manchester (UK) in May 2014. He also has an MRes in epidemiology obtained from the University of York (UK) in December 2010, a Master of Public Health (MPH) obtained from the National Yangming University in Taiwan in June 2006 and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc.PH) obtained from the University of Malawi in March 2001. Edward joined ScHARR in September 2014 as a Research Associate (Systematic Reviews). Prior to this, he practiced public health at the Lilongwe City Council in Malawi for ten years (1997 – 2007) where he was responsible for the provision of preventive health services to the city residents including: Infectious diseases control, chronic diseases control, occupational health, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, health promotion and environmental health services. He also worked as a lecturer in communicable diseases control (May 2002 to August 2004) at the Malawi College of Health Sciences (Lilongwe Campus).

Research Interests

• Health technology assessment on the effectiveness of treatments or public health interventions
• Epidemiology of infectious diseases (e.g. viruses) and cancers due to infections (e.g. hepatitis B, C)
• Translational medical research
• Disease surveillance, e.g. the syndromic surveillance
• Health behavioural research, e.g. understanding the factors associated with acceptance of HIV testing

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