Dr. Duncan Gillespie

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Duncan aims to support decision-making to improve population health and reduce inequalities. To do so, he focuses on a mix of pure and applied research questions.

Duncan is interested in how population change results from changes in individuals’ lives, and how inequalities in health and socio-economic situation are maintained during the process of population change. The fascinating part of this research is that it requires the combination of sociological theory, qualitative, epidemiological and demographic data, and new mathematical work to understand what mediates the link between individual and population change.

His applied research interests centre around how to enable policymakers to implement more effective and equitable policy. This requires predicting the likely fiscal and wider societal effects of policy, and thinking of new ways to present the outputs in terms of uncertainty-laden choices.

One of the areas Duncan is keen to explore more is the role of inter-generational transmission and family context in maintaining inequalities in health and socio-economic situation. In the long run, he is nterested in working together on this research with academics and decision-makers in low and middle income countries.

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