Dr. David Edwards

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BSc University of East Anglia (2000)
PhD University of East Anglia (2005)
Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Leeds (2007-10)
STEP Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University (2010-11)
ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, James Cook University (2011-13)
Lecturer of Conservation Science, University of Sheffield (2013-present)

Key Research Interests

David’s research focuses on understanding the impacts of land-use change on tropical biodiversity. He is particularly interested in understanding the most effective ways of managing tropical landscapes for biodiversity protection and the mechanisms that can be used to fund protection, although he has a range of interests, including;

  • Impacts of logging management on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
  • Tropical agriculture and sustainability.
  • The interaction between climate change and land-use change on extinction risk.
  • Cost-effective conservation within the tropics.
  • Policy drivers of tropical forest protection, including REDD+ and sustainability labeling.
  • Mechanisms of maintenance in mutualism.

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