Dr. Beatrice De Carli

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Beatrice is an an architect specialising in international development and uneven urbanisation. She completed her architectural studies at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, including a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism developed in collaboration with the University of Leuven (2011). Prior to joining the University of Sheffield in 2014, she held teaching positions both in Milan and Leuven, and worked in practice for several years.

Beatrice’s research and teaching explore questions concerning globalisation and differentiated development through architectural thinking and practice, with a focus on issues of equality, diversity, and participation in urban areas. Her current work examines the self-organised tactics enacted by citizens to re/appropriate urban space, and their capacity to produce transformative meanings, spaces and social relations vis-√†-vis dominant urban narratives and planned interventions. Through participatory design and mapping explorations, Beatrice is interested in reflecting on the methodological and pedagogical implications of understanding spatial practice as inherently embedded in local concerns and contestations, and related to the construction of more just futures. She explores some of these questions through her engagement with Architecture Sans Fronti√®res UK (ASF-UK), a non-profit organisation that works between architecture and community and international development practice.

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