Cecilie Dyngeland

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PhD Topic:

Delivering food security through small-scale farmers – lessons from Brazil

Professional Background:

Cecilie holds a bachelor degree in European development studies from University College Cork in Ireland and a masters degree in International development studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), where she focused specifically on natural resource and forest management. After her studies, Cecilie volunteered for an organisation doing solidarity work in Central America, where she spent 5 months in El Salvador.

Cecilie has also worked as a Norwegian Peace Corp Participant at an agricultural university in Tanzania, participating in research on projects dealing with rural development, innovative agricultural practices and sustainable resource management. Her research interests follow along the same lines of improving rural peoples’ and small-scale farmers’ livelihoods and environmental conditions through sustainable natural resource management.

Cecilie co-manages a blog about various project activities in a community in Tanzania, where Norwegian dairy goats are used as the catalyst for rural development. (http://twawose.wordpress.com). The content is currently being translated into English and will from then on run with all content in both Norwegian and English.