Carolyn Auma

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Carolyn began her studies at the University of Sheffield in September 2015 as a PhD student. Recently, she was a consultant on a multi-stakeholder review of the Uganda Development Strategy Investment Plan 2010/11-2014/15. Prior to this, she worked at FAO Somalia in Nairobi, Kenya as an International Nutrition Analyst Intern for 6 months, where she was involved in data analysis and technical report writing for the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU). She also previously worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-engineering at Makerere University for two years, upon the completion of her undergraduate degree. In this role, she also tutored undergraduate students. In addition, Carolyn has volunteered as a researcher at the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-engineering at Makerere University, National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) and National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Biosciences Department, all in Uganda.


BSc. in Food Science and Technology (Hons.) – Makerere University, Uganda

MSc. International Public Health Nutrition – University of Westminster, UK

Research Interests

The working title for Carolyn’s PhD thesis is Urbanisation and the Nutrition Transition in Uganda: Perspectives and Implications for Sustainability.

This research project is funded by the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. Using a mixed methods approach, the project aims to evaluate how rural-urban migration is causing a shift in dietary patterns (nutrition transition) in sub-Saharan Africa, using Uganda as a case study country, and how this shift translates in terms of health and sustainability.

Research Interests: non-communicable diseases, nutrition transition in developing countries, nutritional epidemiology, food culture, public health policy, micro-nutrient deficiency, food and sustainability

Teaching Interests

Carolyn has interests in teaching the following: child and maternal under-nutrition (micro-nutrient deficiencies), food security, nutrition security, basic statistics and epidemiology, and public health policy


  • Lead Supervisor: Professor Michelle Holdsworth (ScHARR)
  • Second Supervisor: Dr. Megan Blake (Department of Geography)
  • Third Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Pradeilles (ScHARR)