SIID Co-Director Dorothea Kleine has been invited to the select group of international experts advising on the 2021 Technology and Innovation Report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Prof Kleine, who leads the Digital, Data and Innovation theme in SIID, is an expert on digital inclusion, gender and the capabilities approach. She offered advice on the key chapters in digital inclusion and responsible innovation. The expert engagement has been ongoing, with an in-person meeting at UNCTAD headquarters in Geneva in 2019, followed by online meetings in 2020. “The process working with the UN policy advisors has been very positive” she commented. “Expert input from academia from different disciplines and different countries was sought and it was evident how our advice and comments helped shape the report. In particular, it was possible to convince UNCTAD that a stronger focus on equity in the access, use and design processes of digital technologies is central to responsible innovation approaches. This is now a strong framing in the final version.”

The report is due to be published in mid-2021, and SIID will be a dissemination partner, co-hosting a launch event together with UNCTAD.