Research Ethics

Research ethics are a vital consideration in all research, not least when conducting international and/or intercultural research. The imperatives here are not simply in terms of gaining the approval from an institutional ethics review board, but also in broader reflections to ensure research design, conduct and outcome are sensitive to local contexts and wider ethical responsibilities.

It is important to recognise that research ethics as an ongoing process. It is not simply the form filling and approval from the review board, but your daily interactions with communities, power-holders, and others. Through these interactions, you may encounter unexpected ethical challenges and dilemmas, and it is important to respond appropriately to these.

In other words, it is vital to be able to conduct dynamic ethics reflections during fieldwork.

The short videos presented here offer a range of insights into ethical dilemmas encountered during international and intercultural research. The first four films provide broader overviews of ethics debates and challenges. These are followed by a series of short vignettes in which researchers reflect on a number of questions and personal experiences of ethical challenges during fieldwork.

These videos are intended to support the provision of research ethics training, and can be used by staff within or to supplement classroom activities as well as being stand-alone resources for individuals to use as prompts in thinking about (potential) ethical considerations for their own work.

All videos are made available under Creative Commons Copyright Licence 4.0 (CC-BY-4.0). You are free to use, copy and share the materials but may not modify the content nor use the material for commercial purposes. Please also ensure you attribute the materials when used/cited.


Researching with Children and Youth in the Global South

Dr Elspeth Robson, University of Hull

Working within Your Institution: What ethical dilemmas do we face ‘At Home’ as well as in ‘The Field’

Professor Laura Camfield, University of East Anglia

The Economic Relations of the Global South: What Constitutes Ethical Ethnographic Research in Situations of Economic Inequality?

Professor Nicola Ansell, Brunel University London

Ethical Challenges and Dilemmas: Working with Poor Communities

Dr Vandana Desai, Royal Holloway, University of London

Research ethics: Interviews

Dr Daniel Hammett

Dr Daniel Hammett

Dr Elspeth Robson

Dr Lauren Crabb

Professor Nicola Ansell

Dr Roisin Read

Dr Simon Rushton

Tess Osborne

Timur Jack-Kadioglu

Hita Unnikrishnan

Jess Hope

David Simon

Ruth Massey & Daniel Hammett

Romina Istratii

Ruth Massey

Samnia Poveda

Tom Pering