Theme lead: Dr Miguel Kanai

You can read some of our blogs or listen to a podcast here.


Who are we?

SIID Cities is an interdisciplinary collective of staff and students. We are based at the University of Sheffield but open to everybody. Our work is concerned with tackling the injustices produced through rapid urban development in the Global South. We are interested in looking at the interactions between urban informality, urban governance, the infrastructures of city life, design practice, and the power relations woven into the urban fabric.

Our aim is to show how urban development can be more inclusive, particularly of poorer and marginalised groups of city dwellers and those in peri-urban areas.  You can read some of our blogs or listen to a podcast here.

Our activities

SIID Cities meets once monthly usually on Thursday mornings. Our meetings focus on four distinctive tracks. All sessions are co-convened by ECRs and/or students.

The Cities Reading Group

The SIID cities reading group is an open, relaxed space to discuss material that our members identify for consideration.

The Film Club

Urban experiences in the global South are captured uniquely through film. Our group watches and analyses timely documentary and fiction works.

The Global Ethics on Urban Knowledge Production – an ongoing conversation

Efforts to decolonize academia and urban studies specifically are riddled by ethical dilemmas and unresolved questions that SIID Cities members discuss in open discussions based on our members’ diverse experiences and professional and research pathways.

The SIID Cities Speaker

An annual event with an off-campus speaker sharing their work and insights with us.


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