The University of Sheffield are hosting a ‘Focus on Global Health’ from 13th to 18th February 2014. We are supporting a number of events looking at global health issues. A summary is provided here, with further details below.

Recent years have seen an increasing awareness of the global dimensions of individual and population health. A variety of global environmental and economic changes impact directly on health, as do a myriad of globalization-related processes from increased migration and trade flows to the growth of global markets in products such as food, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. Perhaps more than ever, there is a recognised need for international scholarship, cooperation and mutual learning, in order to address pressing issues within health systems across the world. Recognising this need, the University of Sheffield is promoting a ‘Focus on Global Health’ on 13th and 14th February. We are holding events that are designed to facilitate both networking and discussion about contemporary global health issues.

The events are co-hosted by: the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) Internationalisation Team, Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) Global Health Cluster and the Political Economy Research Group, Department of Politics.

All events are open to university staff and students, our local partners and the public.

Evidence, politicians and academics

Thursday 13th February, 10.00-11.00, Pemberton room, ScHARR building, Regent Court
Mr Ganga Lal Tuladhar, Former Minister for Education and MP of Nepal

In this talk, Mr Tuladhar will discuss a range of issues relating to policy processes. Drawing on his experiences as Minister of Education in Nepal and also his time as an academic, Mr Tuladhar will contemplate a range of issues associated with the use of evidence by politicians in global settings and with the interfaces between politicians and academics, and will suggest politically-attuned ways forward.

All are welcome. For further details, please contact Padam Simkhada:

Contemporary Global Health Issues – Our work, our ideas, our ways forward

Thursday 13th February, 12.00-13.30, Jessop West Exhibition Space

This event will showcase and provide a forum to discuss a range of global health work that is currently being carried out within the University and by our local practitioner community. A series of mini-talks will be given on topics including: reproductive health and gender in South Asia; primary health care and mental health care in post-conflict contexts; paediatric TB, obesity and food security and
the role of the EU within global health. The event starts at 12.00 with a buffet lunch, the mini-talks and discussion, and will be followed by time for informal networking and discussion over tea and coffee.

All are welcome. However, if you do plan to attend, please could you let Amy Barnes know so that we can accommodate everyone:

Scarcity, austerity, and the political economy of health in a new Gilded Age

Friday 14th February, 14.30-16.00, G18 Elmfield Building
Ted Schrecker, Professor of Global Health Policy, Durham University

This event is part of the Department of Politics Political Economy Research Series. In this talk, Ted Schrecker will discuss issues of scarcity, austerity and the political economy of health.

All are welcome to attend. For further details, please contact Simon Rushton:

Sheffield Medsin Post-2015 Workshop

Tuesday 18th February, 20.00-21.00, View Room 4, Sheffield Student’s Union

The 8 Millennium Development Goals set forth in 2000 are reaching their 15 year deadline. How successful have they been? Now, the international community will look to what will be implemented Post-2015. Sheffield Medsin present our “Post-2015 Workshop” – come along find out more about MDGs and the future of these issues, plus how you can get involved! Part of the ‘Focus on Global Health’ week.

For more details of upcoming events within SIID, view our events page