Blue or Green Economy: How do people understand it and how do we measure it in Tanzania?

By Emmanuel Sulle Because the “blue economy” and “green economy” concepts are gaining momentum in Tanzania’s sustainable development plans, citizens need to understand what these terms mean. However, the inconsistent economic activities and approaches being deployed make it difficult to understand the concept, and it is also difficult to measure. In practice, transition plans do […]


Trillions for the SDGs? Time for a rethink

Guest post written by Nancy Lee, originally published via the OECD Developent Matters blog 17.01.2019. In 2015, the world enthusiastically signed on to the challenge of transforming billions to trillions of dollars of private finance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea was to use public and private development aid to unlock much more […]


What’s in a name? The decline of ‘overseas development / famine relief’ charities in the UK

What do changing patterns in charities’ declared purpose and geography of activity tell us about the health of charities working on international development?


New Development Data – the Limits to Monitoring and Need for Counterfactuals

Following on from Dan Brockington’s previous blog


New Development Data – Excitements and Limitations

There is much excitement, for good reason, about development data.


Pocdast: What are the key research questions to inform and support international development?

Dr Daniel Hammett