‘To prevent this disease, we have to stay at home, but if we stay at home, we die of hunger’ – Livelihoods, vulnerability and coping with Covid-19 in rural Mozambique: Article published in World Development

Versão em português por abaixo By the CwC team An open-access paper summarising key findings on livelihoods, vulnerability and coping with Covid-19 in rural Mozambique from the Livelihood impacts of coping with Coronavirus in rural Africa’ (CwC) research project has just been published in World Development. In this blog post, we summarise key findings and […]


Research on the pandemic, in the pandemic: How does a project adjust to changing needs in the field?

By Melissa Gatter   The PPE and Refugees research project, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, originally emerged in response to the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, throughout the lifetime of the project, the pandemic has progressed, presenting new […]


Research and storytelling – how does that go together? Reflections and lessons from a memorable journey

By Judith Krauss, University of Sheffield (UK)     What happens when we combine research with storytelling public engagement? I reflect on a research storytelling workshop conducted at the political ecology conference POLLEN20; and the training process leading up to it which involved 12 researchers working on environment and development issues from the University of […]


Measuring and Measurement: A new volume of Environment and Society

Exploring different practical, theoretical and conceptual problems associated with measuring and measurement across diverse environmental issues.


Reflections on change in Irqwa Da’aw, Mbulu, Tanzania

Part of the Longterm Livelihood Change in Tanzania project, documenting changes in rural Tanzanian communities.


Is wildlife trafficking a threat to global security?

The value of the global illegal trade in wildlife ranks as the 3rd biggest illicit activity. But is it also a source of instability and a security threat because of its links to terrorism?