Lost in translation

Language concordance between nurse and patient enhances care


Podcast: Measuring What Matters: Wellbeing and Sustainable Development

Professor Allister McGregor


Are small moves towards genetic sovereignty a threat to global public health?

The controversial issue of genetic material ownership agreements


ICT and Disaster Response: the case of Nepal

Masters student Olivia Crane discusses the role of ICT in disaster response following the 2015 Nepal earthquake.


Perceptions of food insecurity among Ghanaians living in Greater Manchester

Public Health Nutritionist and doctoral student, Hibbah A. Saeed, discusses factors impacting food insecurity amongst migrant populations in Greater Manchester.


Changing dietary patterns in South African cities: from traditional to modern foods?

SIID funded project team assesses dietary patterns among urban adolescents in Sub-Saharan Africa, using the Birth To Twenty Plus data set.