Training participatory action researchers in Jordan: Reflecting on expectations and ambitions 

By Melissa Gatter When the participatory action researchers (PARs) on the PPE and Refugees research project entered the training room in Jordan’s Al al-Bayt University in September 2021, they no doubt arrived with expectations on how the training sessions would be conducted. Jordanians and Syrians from Mafraq city, the PARs had previous experience in countless […]


Research on the pandemic, in the pandemic: How does a project adjust to changing needs in the field?

By Melissa Gatter   The PPE and Refugees research project, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, originally emerged in response to the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, throughout the lifetime of the project, the pandemic has progressed, presenting new […]

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Understanding dramatic change in the UK’s International Development NGO sector

By Nicola Banks, Senior Lecturer, Global Development Institute and Dan Brockington, Professor, The University of Sheffield    The last 18 months have been some of the most challenging ever for the UK charitable sector, especially those working in international development. As the dust from 2018’s catastrophic safeguarding scandals began to settle, the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally. As […]

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Urban protests in Colombia: What are they about, and how have cities been affected by the violence?

By Carlos Tobar Tovar (Universidad Javeriana Cali), Stephany Vargas Rojas (Universidad Javeriana Cali), and Melanie Lombard (University of Sheffield)     The violence that erupted from Colombia’s ongoing national strike took many by surprise. The protests, which started on 28 April in response to proposed tax reforms, have resulted in weeks of social unrest. Despite […]

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The farmers’ protest in India: what’s it all about?

by Amrita Dasgupta, PhD Candidate, SOAS   The farmers’ protest in India has been on-going for two months – and with more than half of Indians working on farms, this is a big concern, and a huge national affair. Initially it started as a regional protest in Punjab and Haryana. However, it soon turned out to be […]

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Home as a site for civil society and global development

by Dr. Sarah Peck, University of Northumbria   Photo by author (2020). Artwork by Jo Peel.  The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown new light on our working spaces, and the role, suitability and function of the home as space of work. This focus on the home as a workspace emphasises some of the racialised, gendered and […]

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