Measuring and Measurement: A new volume of Environment and Society

Exploring different practical, theoretical and conceptual problems associated with measuring and measurement across diverse environmental issues.

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Sturgeon: Unlikely Geopolitical Subjects

Hannah Dickinson writes about how geopolitics are enacted around – and through – sturgeon, inspired by the 8th International Symposium on Sturgeon (ISS8).

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Can Britain make an ivory ban work? Only if it learns from America’s experience

What should be learned from America’s experience?

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LSE/Birkbeck research on donor-NGO: What is it about “broken” that we don’t understand?

New research highlights major issues with the ‘broken’ contract between donor and INGO

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How Change Happens – A book review

Dan Brockington, SIID Director, reviews new book by Duncan Green, Oxfam GB, ‘How Change Happens’.

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