About us

The Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) is a flagship interdisciplinary research institute within the University of Sheffield. Our network includes a growing fellowship of over 100 scholars and hundreds of postgraduate students from across the University, in addition to a wider community of academic and practitioner partners in governments, think tanks and NGOs around the world.

If you are interested in joining the University of Sheffield to study development then our study page lists all the courses that might interest you. If you are interested in collaborating with us on research projects, or with respect to GCRF opportunities, then please look for suitable partners in our research themes and fellowship pages. Or just contact the SIID Co-Directors, Prof Dan Brockington and Prof Dorothea Kleine.


Our vision

We strive for social and environmental justice in a prosperous world. We insist that social, economic, political, and environmental injustices cannot be resolved, nor prosperity found, simply from economic growth. We seek solutions to these problems that are based on partnerships which transcend disciplines, institutions and borders.

Our mission

We pursue critical and rigorous research, working across science, social science and the humanities, to understand major global problems. Our teaching equips current and future generations of decision-makers and citizens to tackle these problems. Our research informs and influences decision-makers and policy to deliver tangibly beneficial outcomes to diverse communities at multiple scales.

How we work

We foster bespoke eye-level partnerships across the University, the UK and overseas, with colleagues inside and outside academia, that are foudned on principles of respect, support and mutual benefit. Our key aims are to encourage interdisciplinarity and foster research which reaches beyond the academe. To that end we convene both small-scale and flagship events to bring together people and organisations. We provide seed-corn funding for new projects. We are building a research community of newly qualified and experienced post-doctoral researchers in Sheffield. We are fostering a set of key national and international partnerships so that we can rapidly respond to new challenges and opportunities. We work with graduate students and convenors of graduate study modules to put on important events for the graduate study community.