Dr Nem Singh (University of Sheffield) and Dr Andrew Lawrence (University of Vienna) recently convened the ‘States, Markets and the Changing Political Economy of Natural Resources: Theorising the IPE of Development’ workshop.  This brought together academics and practitioners from across Europe and Asia to discuss pressing issues in this area and was in association with British International Studies Association (BISA).

The workshop assessed three main themes:

1) The patterns of extractive investments to reveal the changing geographies of resource production and consumption across Africa, Latin America and Asia.,

2) A globally comparative research agenda tracing variations of ‘neoliberal resource management’ and ‘resource-based strategies’ in the context of the export boom.

3) The range of institutional and bottom-up processes seeking accountability and political inclusion at various levels of governance.

Future research projects and publications in this area were discussed. SIID would like to thank BISA for its generous support of this workshop.