Simon Rushton, SIID researcher and Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Politics, has published an article on The Conversation on the international response to the Ebola crisis.

In the blog, Simon discusses the ‘surge mentality’ that characterises current international efforts to address Ebola, which is at odds with the failure of development actors to help West Africa states strengthen their health systems over the past couple of decades.

“What if Ebola was “just” a health crisis? And what if it did only threaten the health of West Africans, not “regional and global security”? Sadly we already know the answers to these questions because West Africa has been dealing with health crises for decades, including malaria, maternal and infant mortality and under-nutrition, while the West has largely stood by.

So while those critics who have bemoaned the slow response of the international community to Ebola have a point, the real causes of the crisis can be traced back to well before 2014. They can be traced back for decades. If you want to tackle Ebola, you don’t want to start from here.”

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