Today is the third installment of our ESRC seminar series on Natural Resource Management in the 21st century. The theme of today’s workshop, hosted by the University of Leeds, is ‘Local Adaptation to Climate Change’

This seminar aims to advance debates about adaptation to climate change and variability. Discussion will revolve around two themes:

  1. Conceptualising obstacles to adaptation
  2. Challenges for local adaptation policy and practice.

This seminar is part of a two-year series that aims to identify and address current theoretical and methodological gaps in interdisciplinary socio-ecological research related to natural resource management and conservation in developing countries.

The series is hosted by three research institutes focusing on natural research management and sustainability (the Sheffield Institute for International Development, Leed’s Sustainability Research Institute and the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability) and enables established researchers to disseminate existing research to new audiences, facilitate development of new research agendas, engage non-academics in the process of research innovation, and develop a new cohort of young researchers who can deliver a interdisciplinary research agenda.

For the full details on the seminar series, visit the Interdisciplinary Exchanges website.