Talia Garza Garza

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Talia’s research interests lie in multiple social science disciplines which include but are not exclusive to: criminology, sociology, political science/government, law, psychology, economics,  and international relations (conflict negotiation).

At the moment, her research is mainly focused on illegal transnational drug-trafficking organizations, Mexican politics, and law enforcement (police).

Talia has studied at Princeton University, The University of Texas at Austin, and The University of Bath. She is currently studying at the University of Sheffield, England, UK.

During her studies at The University of Texas at Austin, Talia received a BA in Government from the College of Liberal Arts, a BS in Communication Studies (Political Communication) from the Moody School of Communication, and a BDP Certificate in Ethics & Leadership (concentration in Justice and Law) from the School of Undergraduate Studies . Overall, she graduated from The University of Texas at Austin Magna Cum Laude and Dean’s List in 2008.

During 2010-2011, before returning to pursue more degrees, Talia taught political science, public administration, international relations, history of political theory, international organizations (development), and economics at The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, UANL, Monterrey, Mexico, in the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration.

In 2012, she obtained a Master’s of Science, MSc in International Development from the University of Bath, England, UK from the School of Social and Public Policy.

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