Laure Joanny

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PhD topic : Green surveillance technologies

Supervisors: Prof. Rosaleen Duffy and Prof. Dan Brockington

Laure has been awarded a European Research Council PhD Studentship at the University of Sheffield to conduct research on green surveillance technologies as part of the Biodiversity and Security (BIOSEC) project.

Laure has a strong interest in understanding the ways in which digital technologies redefine our relationship with our environment and attempts to conserve it. She has written her MSc dissertation on whether the use of digital technologies could lead to more inclusive conservation decisions through citizen science. As part of her doctoral research, Laure will be focusing on the increasing use of surveillance technologies, such as drones, for conservation purposes and questioning what their social and political impacts might be.

Laure holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Economics from the Paris Sciences et Lettres University, France and an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

You can follow Laure on Twitter @Laure_Jny

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