Hannah Mottram

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Hannah’s research will look at off-grid energy systems in developing countries, and how communities are engaged with their development and implementation. She is also interested in the wider development impacts of delivering energy access, such as improved livelihoods, education and healthcare. Hannah is based in the Energy 2050 group, part of mechanical engineering.  Her work will encompass both the technical and social challenges of off-grid energy systems.

Hannah graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MSci in Geological Sciences in 2010, and from the University of Manchester with a PGCE in Secondary Physics. After teaching, Hannah worked on energy and climate in the civil service, including an interdepartmental project on climate services for development. Her PhD topic stems from her time working at the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, where she was an energy policy analyst looking at the role of civil society in energy policy. Hannah has worked with civil society globally as coordinator of the ACCESS Coalition, as well as institutions such as Sustainable Energy for All, the African Development Bank and the Africa-EU Energy Partnership.

Follow her on Twitter @miss_mottram