Dr Richard Randle-Boggis

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My focus is on combining expertise and bridging sectors – e.g. biology and engineering, energy and agriculture – to tackle complex global challenges and take multidisciplinary projects from research and innovation through to development and impact. Currently I am researching “agrivoltaics” in East Africa – hybrid food-energy systems that address the food-energy-water nexus while also offering livelihood benefits to agricultural communities. My background spans several disciplines required to address multifaceted problems, mostly within the fields of biology, environmental science and renewable energy. Previously I led the development of a decision-support tool to guide solar park management for enhanced ecosystem services through evidence-based practices. I have also characterised the microbial ecology in novel solar septic tanks in Southeast Asia, and for my PhD I studied the impacts of increased flooding severity on soil microbial communities and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to that I worked as an environmental engineer, where I created a carbon management strategy to reduce carbon footprints, before embarking on my career in academia.