Dr Nabeela Ahmed

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Nabeela Ahmed is a geographer interested in the intersections of urban studies, digital technology and precariousness in post-colonial contexts. Her PhD at the University of Sussex looked at precarity and agency among labour migrants in India’s fastest-growing cities. She has since completed a post-doctorate on the British Academy GCRF project at King’s College London, ‘Disconnected infrastructures and violence against women’ which studied linkages between gendered violence and urban infrastructures.

At the University of Sussex, Nabeela taught Geographies of Development and Inequality for undergraduates. She has also lectured on Social Research Methods at the Department of Geography, King’s College London and developed lectures on gender, coloniality and social resistance movements for non-profit organisations. 

Previously she worked with multiple NGOs in South Asia, including BRAC in Bangladesh and various civil society organisations across India, working mainly on education and gender initiatives in urban informal settlements. She also worked and published with the ‘Gender Adolescence Global Evidence (GAGE)’ project with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Make All Voices Count Social Accountability programme on South Asia with the Institute of Development Studies.

Lead investigator on GCRF Frontiers of Development Seed Fund – Tranche 3 (2019-2020): Mobilising women: navigating urban infrastructures and resilience in Dhaka, Bangladesh.’ Funding received from joint British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and The Royal Society initiative.

Research interests:

Cities; migration, post-colonial and decolonial studies; gender; digital infrastructures; precariousness and resilience


Journal Articles

Datta, A. and Ahmed, N. (under review) Intimate Infrastructures: The rubrics of gendered safety and urban violence in Thiruvananthapuram Geoforum 

Book chapters

Ahmed, N. (forthcoming) ‘Vulnerability and social protection access’ in (eds) Rajan, I. and Sumeetha, M. Handbook of internal migration in India New Delhi: SAGE.

Ahmed, N. and Datta, A. (forthcoming) ‘Beyond the digital divide: Digital infrastructures and violence against women in urban Kerala’ in (eds) Sabhlok, A. and Truelove, Y. Gendered Infrastructures. Gender, Feminism and Geography Series. Morgantown: West Virginia University Press.


Datta, A. and Ahmed, N. (2019) ‘Intimate Infrastructures’ [Accessed here]

Datta, A., Tripathi, R. and Ahmed, N. (October 31, 2018) “#MeToo Has Arrived in India, and It’s Changing How Technology Is Used to Fight Injustice.” The Conversation. [Accessed here] https://theconversation.com/metoo-has-arrived-in-india-and-its-changing-how-technology-is-used-to-fight-injustice-105755 

Nisbett, N., Ahmed, N., Deshpande, S. and Feruglio, F. (2017) ‘Social accountability initiatives in health and nutrition: lessons from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh’ Making All Voices Count Research Report, Brighton: IDS.