Dr. Luke Whaley

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Luke joined the Department of Geography as a postdoctoral Research Associate in November, 2015. His research interests span environmental and natural resource governance, social and environmental justice, social-ecological resilience, and human development and the environment. Luke has a BSc in Biology and an MSC in Science, Culture, and Communication, from the University of Bath, and an MSc in Water and Development and a PhD in Water Governance, from Cranfield University. He has conducted research across a range of countries, including England, India, Italy, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

Luke’s current research in part concerns itself with how a critical social-science approach can inform (and transform) the theorising and analysis of “adaptive governance”, especially as it relates to natural resources and the environment. He is also exploring the relationship between discourses and institutions for natural resource management. At present, these and other interests are being pursued within the context of a large consortium project concerned with the sustainability of rural groundwater supply in Sub-Saharan Africa.