Dr. Eva Hilberg

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Eva joined the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in July 2016. She is working with China Mills, Simon Rushton and Alison Howell on a project on the social life of health IT in the field of Global Mental Health. Previously she collaborated on a research project at the Department of Business and Management at the University of Sussex, investigating the role of health information technology in patient self-management. Eva completed her Doctorate at the Department of International Relations at the University of Sussex. Her PhD thesis focused on the role of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights in the global health sector, looking at the ways in which IP governs participation and normalises knowledge in the international bioeconomy.

Eva’s research seeks to critically analyse processes of identity formation and exclusion at the intersection of health and technology, looking in particular at normalizing effects of legal regimes in this field. In this, she focuses amongst other things on rights-claiming practices as processes of identity formation. In the case of claims to the right to health, this reveals a site at which demands and those who make them are being governed in various ways on the local and at the global level. The legal regime for the patenting of genetic materials is another site that governs understandings of life, and regulates the participation of patients and donors within the bioeconomy. Further research interests cover the use of new technologies for the promotion of health and well-being and the use of qualitative research methods for the study of international law.