Dr. Chris Foster

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Chris joined the Information School in 2015 as a lecturer in ICT and innovation. Prior to to his time in Sheffield, he worked as a researcher at the University of Oxford (2013-2015), exploring the impacts of broadband internet in East Africa. Chris achieved his PhD from the University of Manchester (2009 – 2013) where his research looked at mobile sector innovation in Kenya, and its implications for innovation theory, firm strategy and public policy.

Originally trained as an engineer, Chris has also had experience of IT innovation in firms, having previously worked in R&D in the UK.

Chris’ research focusses on two intersecting areas:

Firstly, he is  interested in the impact of digital technologies and information flows on firms, particularly critically exploring the ways that digital infrastructure enables or constrains more marginal firms as they look to integrate into global networks.

Secondly, he is interested in the shifting concept of ‘innovation’. Chris has previously researched strategy and policy that might allow ICT innovations to be more socially inclusive. He is also interested in how digital firms use customers, users or intermediaries as a source of innovation.

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