Dr. China Mills

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Research interests

China explores the psycho-political effects of the globalisation of the psy-disciplines, the medications and mentalities they elicit, and how they shape our very understandings of ourselves and of the social conditions in which our lives are embedded. She is interested in exploring how the psy-disciplines and psychotropic drugs function in local and global contexts of entrenched inequality, chronic poverty, (neo)colonial oppression, and increasingly under the politics of austerity. China published the book ‘Decolonizing Global Mental Health: the Psychiatrization of the Majority World’ (Routledge), which draws on research with NGOs and user-survivor organisations in India, and analyses global mental health policies as forms of colonial discourse. She has since published work on the mental health-poverty nexus, mental health and international development, and on poverty, stigma and social isolation. Previously China worked with the Hearing Voices Network in the UK, and has grown up alongside family members who hear voices, and who have a Schizophrenia diagnosis.


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