Dr Anna McCord

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Dr Anna McCord has a degree in Social and Political Science from Cambridge, a diploma in Economics from the Open University, and a Masters and PhD in Economics from the University of Cape Town.  Anna first worked on international development in the NGO sector and for government, and for the last 15 years she has worked as an academic and research economist with a range of multi- and bi-lateral donors and Southern governments across sub-Saharan Africa, as well as central, southern and south eastern Asia.  Anna uses cross-disciplinary  approaches and mixed methods in her research which is both academic and applied, entailing both national and village level  engagement. Her work focuses on social policy design and  performance evaluation, with a particular focus on public works and markets, and also includes the themes of donor harmonisation,  sector financing, and the political economy of donor interventions.  Anna is involved in teaching and training on social policy for Southern governments and major development agencies as well as universities in the North, and has published in a variety of media on the political economy of social protection, as well as public works and labour market interventions.

See her ODI page, or ESID page for more information