Next steps for ID100

On 1-2 July 2014 the ID100 project reached an important milestone, as 30 experts from all over the world met in Sheffield for a two day workshop to decide on the 100 critical questions for International Development research and policy.


ID100 Student Workshop

Tuesday 20th May 2-4.30pm Alfred Denny Conference Room, University of Sheffield SIID has joined forces with SIIDshare to host an ID100 workshop for University of Sheffield’s student societies, which will bring together representatives from various development-related societies to formulate questions to submit to the ID100 project.  Societies attending include the United Nations Association, Friends of MSF, […]


Q&A with Johan Oldekop on ID100

ID100 is a new collaborative project, facilitated by SIID, to identify the 100 most important questions in international development. Following the launch in February, we caught up with one of the project leaders, Dr Johan Oldekop, to find out more about the exciting project and how you can get involved.


BOND and UKCDS to host workshop for ID100

Bond and UKCDS have partnered with SIID to host a workshop on ID100 with their network members .  The workshop, to be held on 19th May in London, will bring together organisations from a range of backgrounds to formulate research questions, which will then be submitted to ID100 for the final review in July.


Official Launch of ID100: The Hundred Most Important Questions in International Development

SIID unveils its latest initiative: ID100- The Hundred Most Important Questions in International Development. With the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals fast approaching, and a new post-2015 development agenda emerging, ID100 will establish priorities for international development policy and research in order to tackle the world’s most urgent socioeconomic, political and environmental problems.