Slyvia Meischner (University of Essex) will be presenting a seminar on

“Residential Youthcare in the Mexican-American Border Zone: the intersection between foreign aid and cultural reproduction”

Tuesday 26th November 2013, 12.30-13.30pm,ICOSS Boardroom

This seminar will seek to explore residential care institutions for children and young people in the Mexican-American border zone. This specific branch of non-governmental welfare service generates extensive donor support, thus it is pertinent to look closely at the forces driving it. Such institutions are commonly conceptualized as genuinely beneficial for the prospective recipients and unproblematically homogeneous – this seminar will touch on this, and will draw upon relevant factors including, but not limited to, international migration, the specific urban setting and routes of child circulation in the area.

Sylvia Meichsner trained as a sociologist and social science researcher. She has been living and working in Latin America for a number of years where the presented piece of research is a result of. She is affiliated with University of Essex and the Open University.

This seminar is jointly hosted by the Centre for the Study of Childhood & Youth (CSCY) and the Sheffield Institute for International Development

Contact Nicole Roughton at to register your attendance.