SIID has allocated over £115k to seven new research projects across the University of Sheffield. These include posts for two new post-doctoral research fellows; diverse research networks with partners in Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia, and new proof-of-concept research projects.

This funding is in response to a call for seedcorn projects that will stimulate larger interdisciplinary research projects, both within the University and internationally.

Details of each project, and how to contact the academics involved, is set out below:


Project 1: Critical institutionalism and social and environmental justice

Brief: SIID has awarded funding to support an interdisciplinary workshop of academics, policy makers and practitioners to be held in Norway in June 2016. The workshop will explore the concept, practical application and methodological approaches to Critical Institutionalism, with aim of developing a project team/network to take forward a Marie Curie ITN bid.

Lead/s: Prof. Frances Cleaver



Project 2: Developing Policy and Intervention Impact Evaluation Expertise

Brief: SIID funding will facilitate workshops and data exchange between the University of Sheffield and leading U.S. researchers, contributing to the development of a Horizon 2020 bid and supporting the growth of Sheffield as an international centre of excellence for impact evaluation of sustainable development and natural resource conservation policies.

Lead/s: Dr. Karl Evans and Dr. Johan Oldekop



Project 3: Food insecurity and weight status in African adult populations: examining Mali, Morocco and France

Brief: This research involves the analysis of cross-sectional data gathered in Mali, Morocco and France, to examine the relationship between food insecurity and weight status in African adult populations. The funding of a part time Post Doctoral Research Associate will lead to the submission of a paper to the Journal for Nutrition and an application for a 4-year Wellcome Trust postdoctoral fellowship. Academics from the University of Sheffield are working collaboratively with colleagues at the University of Loughborough and CIRAD, France.

Lead/s: Prof. Michelle Holdsworth and Dr. Rebecca Pradeilles



Project 4: Forging a collaborative network on critical approaches to Global Mental Health

Brief: The aim of this project is to position Sheffield as the first UK centre with specialist expertise in global mental health. SIID are funding a one year, full time Post-Doctoral Research Associate to develop networks, coproduce research bids with international partners and submit a major funding application in 2016/17.

Lead/s: Dr. Simon Rushton, Dr. China Mills



Project 5: Insurgent Regeneration

Brief: This project focuses on a critical examination of processes of urban renewal in São Paulo, with a view to applying these to urban regeneration in Johannesburg. SIID funding will be used to facilitate fieldwork and the recruitment of a part time Post Doctoral Research Associate who will support the ongoing development of an ESRC Research Grants application.

Lead/s: Dr. Beatrice De Carli



Project 6: Mega-Projects in Southern Cities

Brief: This project explores foreign investment in urban infrastructure and its potential to foster equitable and sustainable urbanisation. SIID funding will support recruitment of a part time Post Doctoral Research Associate, leading to the submission of two major bids (ESRC Responsive Mode and Marie Curie ITN), the publication of two journal articles and the cultivation network of scholars and policy makers to further develop this emerging research agenda. The project has a particular focus on colleagues/ institutions in China, Japan and India to reflect growing importance of Asia within the development of urban policy.

Lead/s: Dr. Glyn Williams, Dr. Seth Schindler, Dr. Tom Goodfellow and Dr. Paula Meth



Project 7: Public health system resilience in the context of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal: perspectives from public health and politics

Brief: SIID has awarded funding for fieldwork and stakeholder workshops in Nepal to examine public health system ‘resilience’ in wake of the 2015 earthquake, with a view to developing a framework that has practical application for other developing countries in disaster-prone regions. The project will involve working with colleagues from Tribuvan University, Nepal, as well as other public and private sector stakeholders from the region, leading to the publication of a journal article, conference paper and the submission of a funding bid for a major research grant.

Lead/s: Dr. Simon Rushton and Dr. Julie Balen